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Two are New from Caitlin Crews

March 1, 2019

NOW AVAILABLE IN THE US: Untamed, book 3 in Caitlin’s Hotel Temptation series — you’ve read the excerpt, now you can download the ebook.

COMING SOONThe Italian’s Twin Consequences is Caitlin’s next Presents and we’ve posted a sneak peek for your enjoyment. Pre-order so you can have it as soon as it becomes available — different times depending upon where you live and how you read:

April 4 in the UK in both ebook & print
April 16 in the US in print
May 1 in the US in ebook

Check out Caitlin’s other satisfyingly spicy or boss/secretary books — there are many more to choose from!

Absolutely Untamed!

February 21, 2019

“This man is dangerous and you’re a fool to get this close to him.” Can you resist? Readers in the UK can indulge TODAY! North American readers have only a very short wait…

Untamed, book 3 in Caitlin’s Hotel Temptation series, is now available in the UK in both ebook and print.

Untamed releases March 1 in the US in ebook. Pre-order your copy today!

Want more? Go deeper into the series, read an excerpt, listen to the soundtrack, and if you are on GMT, grab your copy — how can you resist?

Sergeant’s Christmas Siege Cover Reveal!

February 11, 2019

Ta-da! The rugged cover of Sergeant’s Christmas Siege, book 3 of the Alaska Force series, is here! October 1 is the release date, and the first pre-order links are now live. An excerpt is coming! Get notified when it posts by signing up for my news and content updates feed.

Did you read Alaska Force book 1, SEAL’s Honor? It’s available for your reading pleasure. Book 2, Sniper’s Pride, will be available on May 7. Meet the characters!

My Bought Virgin Wife — Now Available Everywhere!

January 1, 2019

Happy New Year! Celebrate with a book!

Caitlin’s newest book, My Bought Virgin Wife, is now available in both print and ebook for your satisfyingly spicy reading pleasure.

Read an excerpt, then buy your copy today!

Do you like graphic novels? Caitlin has over a dozen Manga editions — check out covers and interior pages. So much fun!

My Bought Virgin Wife Excerpt!

December 11, 2018

Spice up your holidays with this excerpt for Caitlin’s soon-to-release book, My Bought Virgin Wife, coming out at various times depending upon where you live and how you read:

DEC 18 in the US in print
DEC 27
 in the UK in both ebook & print
JAN 1 in the US in ebook

Here’s a lush peek: “His voice. Commanding. Dark. Rich like dark chocolate and deep red wine, all wrapped in one.”

Pre-order your copy so you can keep reading as soon as it’s out, then check out Caitlin’s other satisfyingly spicy or marriage of convenience books — there’s many more to choose!

Undone is now available! Untamed cover revealed! Hotel Temptation: YES!

December 1, 2018

Undone is now available everywhere! If you haven’t already, grab your copy in your favorite e-reader format and dive into Caitlin’s super hot Hotel Temptation series!

And get a gander at the cover for book 3: Untamed, which will land in reader hands on FEB 21 in the UK and MARCH 1 in the US. Read a sneak peek in an excerpt, listen to a soundtrack, and pre-order your copy today.

Read the Excerpt from Undone

November 20, 2018

Get down & dirty with an excerpt from Caitlin’s newest book, Undone, book 2 in the Hotel Temptation series. Here’s a snippet to whet your appetite:

“Maya’s mouth went dry as her gaze traced over the tattoos that wrapped around one bicep, trailed over one shoulder, and made his wide, tough back into a work of art.”


Go ahead and pre-order your copy. It will be available in the UK on NOV 29 in paperback and ebook. Look for it in the US on DEC 1 in ebook (no plans yet for paperback in the US).

And because there is more Caitlin/Megan to love, check out five star reviews for A True Cowboy Christmas. Want more? SEAL’s Honor reviews are five stars, too!

Welcome to Alaska Force

November 6, 2018

SEAL’s Honor, book 1 in Megan’s highly-anticipated Alaska Force series, is now available in eBook, print and audio! Meet Blue Hendricks and Everly Campbell, read Chapter 1 and 2 in an excerpt, and go deeper into the series.

READ THE REVIEWS: “Megan Crane’s mix of tortured ex-special ops heroes, their dangerous missions, and the rugged Alaskan wilderness is a sexy, breathtaking ride!”—New York Times bestselling author Karen Rose

Buy your copy and start reading today! And if you like rugged, dangerous military men (of one sort or another), Megan and Caitlin have Special Ops and military heroes to go around…


Sheikh’s Secret Love-Child Available in eBook

November 1, 2018

Now available in ebook from all vendors: Sheikh’s Secret Love-Child (one of Caitlin’s satisfyingly-spicy novels). Get your Sheikh on, read an excerpt and buy your copy today!

Along with A True Cowboy Christmas, that’s two great releases this week for Caitlin readers. Enjoy!

A True Cowboy Christmas is Now Available!

October 30, 2018

Get ready for the holidays with Caitlin’s newest romance, A True Cowboy Christmas, book 1 in her brand new Cold River Ranch series. Meet Gray Everett and Abby Douglas, read an excerpt, and go deeper into the series.

No waiting! Buy your copy and INDULGE! And then if you want more holiday romance, Megan/Caitlin has ten more for your reading pleasure.

Two more books, Sheikh’s Secret Love Child (in eBook) and SEAL’s Honor, are coming very shortly, so stay tuned!