The Devil's Keepers Series

Deep in bayou country, the only thing hotter than the sultry swamp are Louisiana’s fiercest  outlaw bikers: the Devil’s Keepers.

The DKMC has a brief cameo in Make You BurnMegan’s first biker book, featuring the last few brothers of the nearly-defunct Deacons of Bourbon Street Motorcycle Club. But while New Orleans is a wicked city of sin, it’s still a city filled with tourists and other civilians.

Out in bayou country, the brothers don’t play.  In the small town of Lagrange, the club is law. The hot, hard brothers of the DKMC are used to easy women, comfortable living, and getting treated like local gods wherever they go.

It’s not that hard to take a rough and ready man to bed, but it takes a pretty tough – or reckless – woman to stand up to an outlaw biker.

And it takes a whole lot  to win his heart…

Reader Questions about the Devil's Keepers Series

Characters in the Devil's Keepers Series

Make You Burn (Deacons of Bourbon Street)

  • Sophie Lombard


    Sophie thought that the death of her father meant the end of her life as part of the Deacons of Bourbon Street MC he ran – the ignored, overlooked, never-quite-valued part, that was. After running the club’s bar on Bourbon Street for years now, she assumed that was what she’d keep on doing now that it was hers.

    She should have known better than to make assumptions where club business is concerned. Especially when her father’s old VP shows up, moving in on the bar – and Sophie – like deep down, she’d always been his.

    Ajax is like all her dirtiest fantasies brought to life, bright hot and much too vivid, and a wise woman would do whatever she had to do to stay away from a man with that much trouble stamped into every inch of his body.

    After all, what Sophie really wants is to escape the life… doesn’t she?

    Bike: Enough with bikes. And bikers. And this life she never chose... but can't seem to walk away from.

    Likes: Ajax, damn it.

    Dislikes: Ajax again. And all the rest of the bikers her daddy loved more than her...

  • Sean “Ajax” Harding


    Ajax spent ten years in exile and now that Priest, the old president of his MC and his surrogate father, is dead, well. There’s no place like home.

    He’s ready to be back in New Orleans. He’s ready to figure out what happened to Priest, take over the once mighty Deacons of Bourbon Street MC he was honored to serve as its VP, and while he’s at it, return the club he loves to its former glory with the help of the three brothers he was exiled with.

    Ajax is used to getting what he wants.

    Including Priest’s little girl. The last time Ajax saw her she was in her Catholic school girl uniform ten years ago and completely off-limits.

    But Sophie’s all grown up now.

    And what Ajax wants, Ajax takes…

    Bike: Black Dyna

    Likes: His club. Deacons forever. And yeah, the one woman he should keep his hands off of...

    Dislikes: Club enemies, old drama, and the shape the Deacons are in after ten years... but he aims to fix that.

Devil’s Honor

  • Merritt Broussard


    Merritt never had any intention of coming back to Lagrange. As hometowns go, a biker town filled with – you guessed it – a whole lot of rough and rowdy outlaws? Not the best place to live. She counts herself lucky that she got out with only a battered heart.

    But her fancy new life has hit a wall in the form of her ex – and former boss – who’s turned a little too obsessive. Where better to marinate in a little downtime than the one place no one would ever think to look for her?

    As long as she can stay away from the man who broke her heart way back when, she’ll be fine. Just fine.

    Bike: Rode on one man's bike. Almost traded in her life for more. No. More. Bikes.

    Likes: The entire world outside of Lagrange.

    Dislikes: Lagrange, the past, and yeah, her creepy ex up in New York...

  • Joseph “Greeley” Shaw


    Greeley is about the the club. He’s the sergeant-at-arms for the Devil’s Keepers and he takes that patch – and the job – seriously.

    When shit goes down, he’s the brother people call first, because he always, always has a Devil’s back.

    He was ready to pledge his loyalty to exactly one female, and she ruined that. So when Merritt comes back to town the way he explicitly told her not to, he might play with that fire that always flares so bright and hot between them, but no way in hell is he getting burned this time around. No. Freaking. Way.

    Bike: Vintage Sportster Chopper

    Likes: Probably not you. Want to test that?

    Dislikes: Drama, liars, anything that threatens his beloved DKMC.

Devil’s Mark

  • Holly Chambless


    Holly always knew exactly what life held in store after her college graduation: find the right husband, have the right babies, be a credit to her family name. But when her supposedly upstanding daddy gets arrested and the world implodes, she figures that maybe it’s high time to do the kind of things her lying father warned her a Chambless would never, ever do.

    Like start working in Dumb Gator’s, the rough and tumble biker bar on the outskirts of the biker town she grew up in, the one everyone knows is basically just an outpost of the Devil’s Keepers MC.

    Or scarier by far, fall in love with Uptown, the prettiest and most terrifying outlaw biker of them all…

    Bike: She's only ever ridden on the back of Uptown's...

    Likes: A taste of freedom.

    Dislikes: Being put in a box by anyone when maybe she's not that girl anymore...

  • Killian “Uptown” Chenier


    Uptown has no time for a stuck-up little daddy’s girl. Especially when the”daddy” in question is the scumbag mayor who treated his own mom like crap. And he’s definitely not afraid to teach Little Miss Goody Two Shoes Holly Chambless a few life lessons, the way he did once upon a time back when.

    After all, he’s an outlaw biker, not a little bitch. There’s no way a squeaky-clean girl like Holly is going to get to him. No way in hell.

    Bike: Silver Harley Roadster

    Likes: His life as is, the groupies who follow him around, the fools who underestimate him because of his pretty face.

    Dislikes: Anything that gets in the way of his long overdue revenge on Mayor Benny Chambless. Especially if it's his daughter.

Devil’s Own

  • Lara Ashburn


    Lara escaped one biker town already. Having experienced her awful uncle’s version of an outlaw club, she’s pretty clear on her feelings about the 1%-er lifestyle. She’s in Lagrange on a mission, and troubled, motherless Kaylee Frey reminds her a little too much of herself back when.

    But Kaylee’s too big, too hot, too tempting father reminds her that beneath her prim, schoolteacher exterior beats the heart of a biker chick… whether Lara wants to admit it or not.

    Bike: No more bikes. Ever.

    Likes: Literally anything and everything not biker-related.

    Dislikes: Bikers, biker towns, bikes. And all things related to bikers, biker towns, and bikes.

  • Ryan “Chaser” Frey


    Chaser is an ex-Marine and the DKMC’s foremost enforcer who happily puts the grim in grim reaper, should you be dumb enough to merit a visit. After his junkie ex stole his daughter, he spent six years searching for little Kaylee and the six years since not really getting over that shit. The last thing he needs is some “concerned” schoolteacher getting in his face about Kaylee’s behavior.

    Though the way Ms. Lara Ashburn gets in his face, he might just have to re-think his position on snooty, uptight do-gooders…

    Bike: Has several custom Choppers; likes to work on them and make them particularly badass.

    Likes: Puzzles, apparently. And tramp stamps.

    Dislikes: Do-gooders, being lied to, his junkie ex.

A Devil’s Only Friend Is Fire

Devil’s Keepers First, Devil’s Keepers Forever 

There’s not much in the bayou country of Lagrange, Louisiana, (population: nobody comes here and fewer ever leave) besides swamps, gators, and an outlaw biker club called the Devil’s Keepers.

The club has dominated this stretch of swampland in St. Germain parish right in the heart of Cajun country since two of the original founding members left the mother charter—and the winters—in North Dakota in the 1970s. They set up shop down in the easy, largely inaccessible south, and have been bribing police chiefs and aldermen to look the other way ever since. There aren’t a lot of people in the vicinity of Lagrange who aren’t a little bit tainted by the Devil’s Keepers—and that’s how they like it.

Times have been tense in southern Louisiana for the past ten years and counting. The coastline is disappearing by the day, Katrina fucked everything up, and too many rival clubs keep sniffing around and causing trouble, trying to muscle in on the club’s bread and butter. To say nothing of the cartel assholes who always want something for nothing, and take a liberal view of “partnerships” when it suits them. Guns always come with extra heat, girls make money but are pains in the ass—it just means the Devils can’t relax their guard. Ever.

But love has a way of sneaking into the most unexpected places… even the hard hearts of Louisiana’s fiercest, meanest bikers…


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