The Viking’s Runaway Concubine

A Ragnall's Viking Warriors Story
Down & Dirty

The Viking’s captive
Bonded by more than chains…?

Renowned Viking warrior Ulfric can’t stop thinking about his runaway concubine, Eithne. Their powerful connection seared his soul…but still she’d escaped, scarring his face in the process! But now he’s found her. He intends to teach her a lesson, but the white-hot passion between them has only grown hotter, wilder. Is he the one in danger of falling captive to the emotion only Eithne rouses in him…?

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The Viking’s Runaway Concubine

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I love my local indie bookstore, Rebel Heart Books. See if this book is available through them. Thanks!

Jul 26, 2022

ISBN: 9781335723338

The Viking’s Runaway Concubine

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The Viking’s Runaway Concubine
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