Reclaiming His Ruined Princess

Book 2 in the Lost Princess Scandal Series
Satisfyingly Spicy

The Spaniard from her past
Is seeking revenge!

When Amalia Montaigne discovers she’s not the Crown Princess everyone thought she was, she craves solitude. The Spanish island where she had an illicit taste of freedom seems perfect. Until she realises billionaire Joaquin Vargas is also in residence…and still devastatingly smouldering!

Joaquin never forgot the princess who left their chemistry behind. As for forgiveness? Impossible! Hardened by his childhood of abandonment, this time he’s determined to claim then leave her. But Joaquin hasn’t reckoned on the passion exploding between them – insatiable, inescapable, and strong enough to ruin them both…

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Reclaiming His Ruined Princess
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Reclaiming His Ruined Princess

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Print: May 24, 2022

eBook: May 31, 2022

ISBN: 978-1335568717

Reclaiming His Ruined Princess

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