The Fortunes of Lost Lake Series

The Fortunes have always preferred the challenge and solitude of the frontier.

First the Wild West with the rest of the prospectors, but old Jeremiah Fortune found California too crowded for his tastes and made his way up to Alaska instead. He found a wife in Juneau, claimed what land was on offer out in the middle of the great, wide nowhere, and made whatever life he could out where there was precious little in the way of civilization.

A few generations on, not much has changed.

These days the family ekes out the life they prefer, out where winter lasts a lifetime and isolation is a perk, not a problem. The family lives scattered around Lost Lake, a spot that’s particularly beautiful in the summer—all two days of it. The closest town is called Hopeless, is sparsely populated at best, and otherwise, the community around the lake makes its own fun. And solves its own problems.

The Fortunes are on their own with the great Alaskan wilderness, just the way they like it.

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