The Fortunes of Lost Lake Series

The Fortunes have always preferred the challenge and solitude of the frontier.

First the Wild West with the rest of the prospectors, but old Jeremiah Fortune found California too crowded for his tastes and made his way up to Alaska instead. He found a wife in Juneau, claimed what land was on offer out in the middle of the great, wide nowhere, and made whatever life he could out where there was precious little in the way of civilization.

A few generations on, not much has changed.

These days the family ekes out the life they prefer, out where winter lasts a lifetime and isolation is a perk, not a problem. The family lives scattered around Lost Lake, a spot that’s particularly beautiful in the summer—all two days of it. The closest town is called Hopeless, is sparsely populated at best, and otherwise, the community around the lake makes its own fun. And solves its own problems.

The Fortunes are on their own with the great Alaskan wilderness, just the way they like it.

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Characters in the Fortunes of Lost Lake Series

Bold Fortune

  • Quinn Fortune


    Quinn’s whole life has been an exercise in responsibility. When one more stranger wants to tell him what to do with the land he’s in charge of stewarding, he intends to send her on her way.

    Because he has no time for the vultures who think they can convince him to act against Lost Lake’s best interests.

    But she’s so… pink.

    And soft.

    And sunshiney in the middle of Alaska’s long winter night…

    And before he knows what hit him, Quinn is wondering if maybe what he really wants is for her to stay.

    Likes: His land and his privacy.

    Dislikes: Strangers who think they know him or his community when what they really want is the land... even if she's cute.

  • Violet Parrish


    Violet is sure that she has what it takes to rescue her reputation–and job–from the machinations of an evil ex who was shining her on from the start .

    Even brave the Alaskan Interior.

    In January.

    All she has to do is convince an infamously grumpy mountain man to do what she thinks he should. And when he suggests she test herself against the weather, she’s sure she can do that, too. It’s only weather–even if, it being Alaska, it’s a lot.

    And yet the longer she stays in the coldest winter she’s ever experienced, the more she finds herself drawn to the heat only he seems to generate…

    Likes: Pink, pink, and more pink, thank you!

    Dislikes: Things that defy her research, like Quinn Fortune...

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