The Edge Series

In a future marked by high seas, terrible storms, and the total destruction of the earth as we know it, most people live in scared, small groups, huddled together for survival. Except the raiders. Who thrive. They take what they want and who they want. Including the women who might just rock their might-is-right worlds.

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Reader Questions about the Edge Series

Characters in the Edge Series

Edge of Obsession

  • Helena


    Helena’s family has been hoarding information for a long time. Not just any information; they could change the world – if they live long enough.

    It seems like a really good idea to provoke a scary raider when he invades the latest place she and her sister Melyssa have been staying, one step ahead of the men hunting them.

    It seems like less of great idea when he hauls her off on his ship and takes her back to his real lair – an island across the sea.

    But as bad ideas go, losing your heart to a terrifying raider has to be at the top of the list…

    Blade: Her mouth.

    Likes: Her memories of her family.

    Dislikes: Being hunted by horrible mercenaries.

  • Tyr


    The war chief of the clan, Tyr is a leader of men and bows his head only to the will of his king, Wulf.

    He and Wulf are good friends; when Wulf took over the raider throne, Tyr not only took the new king’s back – he crippled the current war chief (Wulf’s father) instead of killing him, the better to make him suffer.

    This did not endear him to the king’s lethal bodyguard, Wulf’s half-sister Eiryn.

    Ever since a mercenary killed his blood brother in a cowardly manner, Tyr has been on a mission of vengeance that can only end when justice has been served – on the edge of his blade.

    He’s hard and merciless and unstoppable. If asked, he’d be the first to tell you he’s heartless.

    Blade: Cross between a Viking Sword and a Falchion; made to his specifications.

    Likes: The blood of his enemies.

    Dislikes: Mercenaries, mysteries, jumped up kinglets, guns.

Edge of Temptation

  • Maud


    Sold to the church as a girl, Maud grew up as nun so problematic she became the pet project of Bishop Seph, head of the Great Lake Cathedral. He’s spent years trying to make her surrender to him completely.

    Maud has refrained, thank you.

    A terrifying – yet unmistakably hot – raider who appears before her in the desert where she expected to die seems like a major upgrade after all that covent nonsense.

    And that’s before she falls in love with him.

    Blade: Her true surrender.

    Likes: How would she know? The church always told her what she liked.

    Dislikes: Being told what to do. Depending on who's doing the telling, that is.

  • Gunnar


    Mad genius inventor.

    Bitter, grieving widower after the death of his much-disliked mate, Audra.

    Blood brother to Wulf, the raider king, who he blames for Audra’s death. Half-brother to Eiryn, Wulf’s bodyguard. Not a family-oriented guy at the best of times.

    All Gunnar wants is a virgin sacrifice to complete the sort of black magic ritual he thinks is bullshit, but his dead mate believed in, because he wants her back. He thinks.

    What he does not want is to have feelings for the virgin nun in question, because that would be really crazy…

    Blade: Roman Gladius

    Likes: Battling wolves and wearing their teeth, dominant sex with no safe word, all things science and technology despite himself.

    Dislikes: Everyone and everything.

Edge of Control

  • Eiryn


    Fastest blade in the clan, a title she earned through constant, grueling, hard ass work and a whole lot of daily practice, thank you.

    Personal bodyguard to Wulf, her king and half-brother. Also half-sister to Gunnar, that lunatic. Blames the clan’s war chief, Tyr, for crippling their father, and has grand plans for revenge.

    As the least compliant female in the history of the clan, Eiryn isn’t exactly the first choice to go undercover into the heart of enemy territory, pretending to be ordinary. But it isn’t the act like a regular woman part that might kill her. It’s having to do it with her ex.

    Because Eiryn’s built her tough-as-nails exterior on a set of very useful lies, and one of the most critical is that she got over Riordan a decade ago…

    Blade: Rapier

    Likes: Slapping down fools and idiots, preferably with her blade.

    Dislikes: Typical girl things, emotions, anything she can't kill, the entire ridiculous and compliant mainland.

  • Riordan


    The clan’s best tracker and something of a spymaster, Riordan is a highly-regarded member of the elite brotherhood. He takes his position seriously, because he knows who and what he gave up to get there.

    He’d do anything for his clan, and has.

    He thought the hardest thing was giving up his friend and king’s little sister ten years ago, but that was a cakewalk. Going on an undercover mission with Eiryn all these years later, when she’s all grown up and a deadly member of the brotherhood in her own right who could fillet him at will? That’s going to be a whole lot harder. And this time, when it comes time to choose between his king and his heart, he might not make the same decision…

    Blade: Scimitar

    Likes: Tough women, fair fights, adventurous sex.

    Dislikes: Too much dwelling on the past because who cares? He's fine.

Edge of Power

  • Kathlyn


    Only daughter of King Athenian, the most powerful and widely-feared king in the western highlands. Famously virginal. Her father has been hoarding her innocence for years so he can sell it to the highest bidder, but when a terrifying raider walks into her father’s palace, the game changes. And Kathlyn has to decide, once and for all, is she just a pawn?  Or in the arms of a raider king, can she discover that she’s been powerful in her own way all along?

    Blade: Her grace.

    Likes: Imagining a different life where she could make her own choices.

    Dislikes: Her actual life, which is basically just a prison.

  • Wulf


    The king of the raiders, a position he took by force when he was eighteen and has held ever since, despite the best attempts of many a would-be attacker. Please. Does not suffer fools, though it amuses him to pretend he might. Blood brother to Gunnar, half-brother to Eiryn, and feared throughout the drowned world, which is as it should be. All Wulf wants is to take down his worst enemy and protect his clan. Everything else is secondary. Including a pretty little princess he shouldn’t want to save.

    Blade: Japanese katana

    Likes: Ruling the world.

    Dislikes: Other kings and assorted fools who think they can mess with him.

Go Deeper Into the Edge Series

A hundred years ago, or so the stories went, the great Storms came over the course of a few tumultuous decades and kicked the world’s ass. Cities fell. Seas rose. People died.

A lot of people.

The rich built themselves walled compounds on higher ground in places like the Rocky Mountains and called themselves kings. The poor either prostrated themselves to these new overlords or perished in the wild, alone and unguarded. Those who survived learned how to wrestle some kind of life from the new land and the much larger, far deadlier sea, conserving and hoarding what few resources remained.

Some grew. Others took.

Harsh times bred hard men. And the hardest of these by far were the bands of raiders—groups of men who laughed in the face of what governments remained and chose to live free instead. These men took over the new, remote eastern islands that remained when the storms passed, in what was left of the mountains in the far northeast. They swore fealty only to their chosen clans and the kings who won their thrones with strength and maintained them with cunning. They prized their brotherhoods above all else, carved their oaths into their skin and made their vows in blood and battle.

Clan first, clan always. Clan forever.

A man had only what he could take with his hands and kept only what he could protect with the steel of his blade—because gunpowder was a tricky thing after over a century of too much water, and guns were as useless as cars in a world with very few remaining roads and power only in the richest of places.

Years passed, and in the darkness, the raiders became the monsters of their new world. Scary stories whispered around the fire, when the cold nights drew near. Dangerous men who came in the night in their terrible ships and took what they wanted, whenever they wanted.

They helped themselves to precious stores hidden away in the abandoned factories and old office buildings people fashioned into castle keeps. They took food and they took fuel. They liberated softer, more malleable men from higher ground compounds to work in the new fields they held as their property and to follow the orders of these harsh barbarian brothers. And they took women. Women to fuck, women to breed. Women to make the sharp, cruel edges of their hard world that little bit more bearable.

Some, it turned out, more than others.

Because some of these women had minds and plans of their own…

Map After the Storms


Before and After:

Edge Map North America


One Fine Winter Morning with Tyr and Helena…

Helena wasn’t where she was supposed to be, which Tyr didn’t like at all.

He shook his head, letting the stinging ice water from the shitty November morning outside go wherever the hell it wanted, all over the stone floor. He wiped his face with his hands and then looked around the Lodge’s big hall again, but she still wasn’t there. He’d told his favorite not-so-compliant girl to wait for him after his slippery, frigid, brutal training run, tucked up next to the big ass fire in the hall of the Lodge. Wearing as little as possible, like his own, personal camp girl…

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A Deep and Dark December Evening with Gunnar and Maud…

“Little nun,” Gunnar said into the dreamy, dark quiet of a long evening, “I want you to make yourself come. Or, to be more precise, try.”

Maud blinked, shifting almost instantly from her usual half-aroused state in her mate’s presence to something a whole lot edgier.

“Now,” Gunnar said when she didn’t move…

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