The Kittredge Ranch Series

In the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado, some miles and whole worlds away from the tony ski slopes of Aspen and the glittering city life of Denver, lies the town of Cold River in the scenic Longhorn Valley—where the Kittredge family has been since the foundation of the town. They’ve been breeding quarter horses almost as long.

These days the Bar K is run by Ellie and Donovan Kittredge, whose complicated marriage affected their four sons the most. The later-in-life “accidental” daughter they had later missed out on the fireworks and grew up in the often barbed peace that now reigns.

Everything on the surface of the Bar K is great these days.

But still waters run deep, especially near the cold, cold river that gave the town its name…

The Kittredge Ranch series is connected to the Cold River Ranch series. The Last Real Cowboy features a Kittredge and an Everett!

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Characters in the Kittredge Ranch Series

The Last Real Cowboy

  • Brady Everett


    Brady has spent his life as the youngest of the Everett brothers being soundly ignored by first his father, then his older brothers.

    He’s spent the last year seeing his promise to work the land and see where that takes the family now that their father is gone. But that hasn’t made his brothers take him any more seriously, so at this point, he’s just counting down the days until he can give up and go back to his life in the city.

    But he’s an Everett whether he likes it or not, and the land is in him, like it or not.

    And the last thing he needs is his best-friend’s little sister, suddenly all grown-up…

    Except it turns out Amanda might be the one thing he needs the most.

    Likes: His family's land, his family's history, the life he imagined he'd live on Cold River Ranch.

    Dislikes: His father and oldest brother's refusal to take him seriously. And Ty doesn't help things, either.

    Favorite Country Song: "Same Damn Road," Charles Esten

  • Amanda Kittredge


    Amanda is tired of being treated as everybody’s baby sister.

    Her older brothers refuse to acknowledge that she’s not a baby any longer – and they’ve pretty much run off any man who’s ever looked at her twice.

    Which maybe why she’s always had a secret little thing about the one man who’s never even glanced at her…

    But everything changes when she actually takes her life in her own two hands, moves out of her parents’ house, and does as she likes.

    Is she ready to handle it?

    Likes: Overly sweet coffee drinks, her older brother's best-friend.

    Dislikes: Her four overbearing older brothers.

    Favorite Country Song: "The Long Way Around," Dixie Chicks

Secret Nights With a Cowboy

  • Riley Kittredge


    Riley knows who he is.

    He knows his land. He knows horses.

    And he’s known Rae Trujillo was the one for him since they were barely more than kids.

    He doesn’t know why she left him, or why she keeps coming back night after night but refuses to stay.

    When she asks for a divorce, he knows something else, too.

    He’s not letting her go.

    No matter what.

    Likes: Horses, his own land away from his family, and Rae. Despite himself.

    Dislikes: The state of his marriage. Intensely.

    Favorite Country Song: "I Always Let You Burn Me To the Ground" by John Moreland

  • Rae Trujillo


    Rae has only ever loved one man – which has made it pretty hard to move on now that their marriage is in pieces. But she knows she has to do it.

    If she can just stop running to him all the time. Especially at night.

    Because there’s no chance of ever moving on if she doesn’t stop all that backsliding.

    And she wants to move on. She needs to.

    Doesn’t she?

    Likes: Flowers, her friends, and Riley Kittredge

    Dislikes: How much she loves Riley Kittredge... still

    Favorite Country Song: "Broken Together" by Casting Crowns

All Night Long with a Cowboy

  • Jensen Kittredge


    Jensen Kittredge has always been perfectly happy to be underestimated.

    If folks want to see a dumb jock, great. He plans to sail through life unencumbered by expectations and relationships alike, and that’s exactly what he does. With great pleasure and a big grin.

    Until one fine night he looks up and sees an overly-prim woman scowling at him, and just like that, his perfectly-controlled life turns inside out…

    Likes: Whiskey. Women. Horses. Repeat.

    Dislikes: Intimacy. Depth. The morning after — not that he's ever tested that theory, because he leaves before dawn...

  • Harriet Barnett


    Harriet loves her quiet life as the high school librarian in Cold River.

    She has her work. She has five cats. She has books. Life is delightful.

    But when she decides that her rowdiest students need a role model, she finds herself going toe-to-toe with the most disreputable cowboy in town. Surely she won’t fall for the dubious charms of Jensen Kittredge. He’s the kind of man who’s good for a night and nothing more.

    Except it turns out that one night is only the beginning…

    Likes: Books. Cats. Proper grammar. Oxford commas.

    Dislikes: Overtly masculine men who ooze about, playboying all over everything...

Summer Nights with a Cowboy

  • Zack Kittredge


    Zack Kittredge might have walked away from the family ranch, but he’s at peace with his decision—and the family member responsible for his choice knows why.

    He lives his life according to a very strict code, and what’s wrong with that? If he didn’t like law and order so much, he wouldn’t have become sheriff.

    What he’s not anticipating is one traveling nurse who runs him the wrong way, mostly because he can’t get her off his mind. He assumes she must be up to no good, but the thing about Janie Atwood is that, like it or not, once she gets under his skin there’s no way of getting her out…

    Likes: Law, order, and the truth.

    Dislikes: Lies, secrets, and folks who are clearly off, no matter what anyone else thinks.

  • Janie Atwood


    Janie Atwood has a secret.

    Okay, maybe two secrets.

    She’s new to Cold River and, fine, it’s probably no big secret to anyone that the stern, grumpy, upsettingly beautiful sheriff makes her feel like swooning. Especially after their first meeting. In which Janie doesn’t swoon, but she still ends up at the man’s feet…

    It’s the other secret, the one that brought her to Colorado, that might cause problems, but she has no intention of sharing that with anyone. Not even Sheriff Zack Kittredge, who, it turns out, is even more swoonworthy up close…

    Likes: Who can resist a grumpy man who thinks she's dangerous?

    Dislikes: Her clumsiness... except, of course, when it results in meeting the man of her dreams...

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