The Kittredge Ranch Series

In the central Rocky Mountains of Colorado, some miles and whole worlds away from the tony ski slopes of Aspen and the glittering city life of Denver, lies the town of Cold River in the scenic Longhorn Valley—where the Kittredge family has been since the foundation of the town. They’ve been breeding quarter horses almost as long.

These days the Bar K is run by Ellie and Donovan Kittredge, whose complicated marriage affected their four sons the most. The later-in-life “accidental” daughter they had later missed out on the fireworks and grew up in the often barbed peace that now reigns.

Everything on the surface of the Bar K is great these days.

But still waters run deep, especially near the cold, cold river that gave the town its name…

The Kittredge Ranch series is connected to the Cold River Ranch series. The Last Real Cowboy features a Kittredge and an Everett!

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Characters in the Kittredge Ranch Series

The Last Real Cowboy

  • Brady Everett


    Brady has spent his life as the youngest of the Everett brothers being soundly ignored by first his father, then his older brothers.

    He’s spent the last year seeing his promise to work the land and see where that takes the family now that their father is gone. But that hasn’t made his brothers take him any more seriously, so at this point, he’s just counting down the days until he can give up and go back to his life in the city.

    But he’s an Everett whether he likes it or not, and the land is in him, like it or not.

    And the last thing he needs is his best-friend’s little sister, suddenly all grown-up…

    Except it turns out Amanda might be the one thing he needs the most.

    Likes: His family's land, his family's history, the life he imagined he'd live on Cold River Ranch.

    Dislikes: His father and oldest brother's refusal to take him seriously. And Ty doesn't help things, either.

  • Amanda Kittredge


    Amanda is tired of being treated as everybody’s baby sister.

    Her older brothers refuse to acknowledge that she’s not a baby any longer – and they’ve pretty much run off any man who’s ever looked at her twice.

    Which maybe why she’s always had a secret little thing about the one man who’s never even glanced at her…

    But everything changes when she actually takes her life in her own two hands, moves out of her parents’ house, and does as she likes.

    Is she ready to handle it?

    Likes: Overly sweet coffee drinks, her older brother's best-friend.

    Dislikes: Her four overbearing older brothers.

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