Megan/Caitlin has written a whole lot of books. Are you new to her work and wondering where to start? Have you only read a certain series or kind of book from her and are looking to branch out? Here’s your guide for doing just that.

Want to read Megan/Caitlin’s books by heat level and/or similarity?

Megan’s books are loosely grouped into different classes of similarity, with a variety of heat levels that are on each book page for reference.

The chick lit/women’s fiction class incorporates English as a Second Language, Everyone Else’s Girl, Frenemies, Names My Sisters Call Me, Once More with Feeling, and I Love the 80s. These books have low to medium heat, but may have bad language.

The Montana/Montana Born class incorporates Tempt Me, Cowboy, A Game of Brides, Please Me, Cowboy, Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy, In Bed with the Bachelor, and Project Virgin. These books have medium to high heat and might have bad language.

The military class incorporates all of the books in the Alaska Force series.  These books have medium to high heat and very little bad language.

The futuristic Viking/biker class incorporates the Edge series and the Devil’s Keepers series. These books are erotic romances and they are meant to be spicy! Expect them to be hot hot hot – and filthy in all senses of the term, including language.

Caitlin’s books come in different classes of similarity as well, with heat levels also marked on each book page.

The cowboy class incorporates all the books in the Cold River Ranch series and its spin-off, the Kittredge Ranch series.  These stories have medium to high heat and very little bad language.

The fairy tale class incorporates all of Caitlin’s Harlequin Presents novels – such as Claimed in the Italian’s Castle, Secrets of His Forbidden Cinderella, and Unwrapping the Castelli Secret –  which means you can expect the same level of medium to high heat throughout. Caitlin’s Presents tend to be euphemistic rather than graphic, usually with fairly clean language.

And finally, the wicked fantasy class incorporates all of Caitlin’s Harlequin Dare books – like the Hotel Temptation series – all quite explicit in both erotic scenes and language.

Want to cry your eyes out?

Sometimes nothing but a good weepfest will do.

Try Majesty, Mistress… Missing Heira sheikh reunion romance with a bittersweet loss at its core.

Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy is a story about the end of a marriage… and its brand new beginning thanks to a Christmas back home in Montana, when things finally get honest. And painful. But that’s how you grow, isn’t it?

Or Once More With Feeling, when a woman has to face the choices that led her into the life she never wanted after she walks in on her husband – and her sister. And then face those same choices all over again when her husband loses his memory in an accident and she has the opportunity to pretend the messy parts of her life never happened… But does she want to do that?

Here’s an excerpt from Once More with Feeling to get you in the mood…

Keep tissues handy!


Want to try something you’ll almost certainly like because they were up for awards?

Well, maybe you won’t. But some other folks sure did!

A True Cowboy Christmas, Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy, and Sniper’s Pride were Holt Medallion finalists.

A Royal Without Rules,  A Game of Brides, and A Baby to Bind His Bride were nominated for Romance Writer’s of America’s RITA Award.

Additionally, Frenemies, No More Sweet Surrender, A Scandal in the Headlines, Undone By the Sultan’s Touch, At the Count’s Bidding, and Expecting a Royal Scandal were all nominated for the RT Book Reviews Reviewers’ Choice Award.

Here’s an excerpt from A True Cowboy Christmas to get you started.

Want a tough-as-nails heroine who doesn’t think she has a soft spot until she meets the hero?

Try Scandalize Me. She’s all about revenge, armored and bulletproof in every way. Which makes his ability to get beneath her skin a problem. Especially when he appears to have every intention of staying right there for as long as he can…

Or Edge of Control. They’re both warriors, both badasses, equal in every way – except she’s a little faster with her blade. Oh, and they’re exes forced to go undercover as a couple, with the whole world hanging in the balance. What could go wrong?

Looking for the hardest, hottest, most demanding alpha hero out there?

All of Megan/Caitlin’s heroes are pretty seriously alpha. That’s just how she rolls.

Gray Everett of A True Cowboy Christmas is stern and uncompromising. If he asked you for a marriage of convenience, could you say no?  Would you want to?

Templeton Cross of Sergeant’s Christmas Siege likes to laugh a lot and pretend he’s lazy, as if that will distract people from noticing that this former Army Ranger and Delta Force operative is very seriously alpha. (It doesn’t.)

Make You Burn features a biker hero who redefines alpha. Deliciously and thoroughly.  You can try this excerpt to see if he gets your motor revving.

And both Not Just the Boss’s Plaything & A Devil in Disguise have heroes so alpha it hurts. In the second story, the heroine actually throws herself off the side of a yacht and starts swimming for the Croatian coast to get away from him. But don’t worry. He catches her.

Proceed with caution.

Looking for a smart-mouthed, brainy heroine and a hero who can handle her just fine?

If you’re in a Megan mood, try English as a Second Language, which is set in a British graduate school program, Project Virgin, which features two lawyers finding their way to love, or I Love the 80s, in which a mouthy heroine has to go back in time to 1987 to find the man who isn’t intimidated by her.

If you’re looking for something a bit more Caitlin, there’s The Disgraced Playboy, in which a workaholic meets one of the biggest playboys of all time, No More Sweet Surrender, in which a college professor’s favorite “caveman” punching bag turns out to be a little more than she bargained for, or His for Revenge, where a bookish heroine meets her match in the cool CEO who is only using her for revenge… or is he? (Read an excerpt here!)

In the mood for a sheikh? A secret baby? A marriage of convenience? An amnesia story?

We’ve got you covered!

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