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Exclusive Excerpt: Reclaiming His Ruined Princess

May 17, 2022

The Spaniard from her past is seeking revenge!

When Amalia Montaigne discovers she’s not the Crown Princess everyone thought she was, she craves solitude in the Spanish island where she once had an illicit taste of freedom with billionaire Joaquin Vargas.

Read the EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Reclaiming His Ruined Princess where Amalia and Joaquin meet again—here’s a peek:

Not so high and mighty today, are you, princess?” came his voice. Just as she remembered it. Rough. Low and intent. She’d heard that voice in her ears as he’d danced with her in empty ballrooms here. As he’d moved above her in the bed they’d shared that summer, taking her innocence and giving her so much more in return. Lust. Longing. Love. A whole life. “Did I not tell you what would happen if you dared return?

Book 2 in Caitlin’s Lost Princess Scandal series is already available direct from Harlequin, and everywhere else on May 24. Read the first book to catch up with this sizing duet and order your copy today!

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