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Christmas in Alaska! Sergeant’s Christmas Siege is Now Available

October 29, 2019

Just in time for the holidays! Sergeant’s Christmas Siege, book 3 in Megan’s Alaska Force series, is NOW AVAILABLE (UK readers – print edition will be out on Nov. 14.) Buy or pre-order your copy today.

Read or listen to an excerpt where Alaska State Trooper Kate Holiday meets former Army Ranger Templeton Cross – he was “Shockingly, astonishingly, absurdly beautiful, in a way that struck her as too masculine, too physical, and too carnal, all at once.” 

Want to know the inspiration behind the book? Listen to the music or visit Megan’s pinterest page.

Are you in the mood for more Christmas love stories? Megan has many more to choose from — ENJOY!

Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret — Now Available in Print

October 15, 2019

Get ready for the holidays with this sexy Christmas story! Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret is NOW AVAILABLE in print. Meet billionaire Pascal and supposed nun Cecilia in this excerpt — here’s a teaser:

“No one had ever explained to her that the trouble with temptation was that it felt like coming home, wreathed in light and glory.”

Intrigued? Of course you are! Go ahead and order your paperback for immediate delivery.

The ebook is due in reader’s hands on Nov. 1 — pre-order your ebook to download the minute it’s available.

Want more mistaken identity or one-night-with-consequences stories? Caitlin has many to choose from — ENJOY!

Your first look at Sergeant’s Christmas Siege (coming in October), plus a new free read you can have right now!

October 8, 2019

NEW EXCERPT! Read or listen to the excerpt from Sergeant’s Christmas Siege, book 3 in Megan’s satisfyingly spicy Alaska Force series. Get ready for October — Sergeant’s Christmas Siege releases on Oct. 29. Pre-order your copy today!

The Prince's Runaway BrideThe Prince’s Runaway Bride is a free read from Caitlin and is the prequel to Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret, releasing in print on Oct. 22 and ebook on Nov. 1. Harlequin will be putting up a new chapter each day — 20 in all.

Read the whole story online (free Harlequin account required), or here’s a small taste from the short excerpt here on (no account required):

“He was staring straight at her, his dark gaze like fire. Brimstone and accusation.” 


The Risk: Now in Ebook

October 1, 2019

Heat up your Fall with The Risk, Caitlin’s newest Down & Dirty Dare book, now available in ebook!

Meet ballerina-turned-burlesque-dancer Darcy in this excerpt, then order your copy to keep reading. Want extras? Check out the pinterest board and musical inspiration behind the book.

In the mood for more erotic romance or BDSM stories? Caitlin has many more to choose from. Can’t wait for the next billionaire? Only three weeks until Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret drops in reader hands. Yum!

It’s a Risk!

September 19, 2019

One arrogant billionaire… One night with an exquisite dancer… One dark fantasy that leaves him wanting much, much more.

The Risk, Caitlin’s next Down & Dirty Dare book, is now available in print in the UK and Australia. Read an excerpt and order your copy today.

Stay tuned for the ebook releases:
SEPT 24 in Australia
OCT 1 in the US
OCT 3 in the UK

Want more Down & Dirty romance? Caitlin has many more to choose from. Have fun!

Risky Excerpt!

August 27, 2019

NEW EXCERPT! What’s a proper, professional ballet dancer doing performing burlesque? Find out with this newly posted excerpt from The Risk, Caitlin’s next Down & Dirty Dare book. Pre-order today so you can have it as soon as it’s available — different times depending upon where you live and how you read:

SEPT 19 in print (UK only)
OCT 1 in the US in ebook
OCT 3 in the UK in ebook

Want more Down & Dirty romance? Caitlin has many more to choose from.

GREAT NEWS! Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy is one of Apple’s Best Books of August! If you haven’t yet read it, order your copy today!

Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy, All Formats

July 30, 2019

Spice up your summer with Caitlin’s newest romance, Cold Heart, Warm CowboyNOW OUT IN ALL FORMATS: print, ebook, and audiobook.

Meet amnesiac Ty Everett and redoubtable Hannah Moore in their ranch reunion with an online excerpt, then order your copy today and keep reading!

Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy is book 2 in Caitlin’s Cold River Ranch series. Stay tuned for book 3, The Last Real Cowboy, to be released in January, 2020. Make sure you are subscribed to Megan/Caitlin’s Site News & Content Updates so you don’t miss a thing!

Celebrate Summer with a Very Warm, NEWLY EXTENDED Excerpt!

July 9, 2019

What happens when abandoned Hannah Moore reunites with amnesiac Ty Everett? Find out in the newly extended excerpt from Caitlin’s upcoming Cold Heart, Warm Cowboy, book 2 in the Cold River Ranch series, to be released on JULY 30.

This follow-up to Caitlin’s first Everett brother story (A True Cowboy Christmas) is just as satisfyingly spicy. Whichever is your preference – ebook, print or audio – pre-order your copy so you can keep reading or listening just as soon as the book is published!

Want to heat up your summer with more amnesia or lovers reunited stories? Caitlin has many more to choose from, plus a lot more coming up. SO MUCH TO READ! Enjoy!

It’s Two Times the Summer Fun!

July 1, 2019

Double your summer fun!

His Two Royal Secrets, book 3 in Caitlin’s hot new Combe Family Scandals series, is now available in ebook format. Meet Prince Ares and heiress Pia in this excerpt, then order your copy to keep reading!

Traded to the Desert Sheikh Manga by Caitlin Crews

Are you a fan of Manga? Check out Caitlin’s latest Manga releases: The Guardian’s Virgin Ward and Traded to the Desert Sheikh. Click on either title to see a few illustrated pages!

Enjoy your summer with more Manga and another sizzling scandal from the Combe Family.

His Two Royal Secrets, Now Available in Print

June 18, 2019

Will ruthless Prince Ares do right by lonely heiress Pia after a one-night-stand? Find out in Caitlin’s latest, His Two Royal Secrets, book 3 in the Combe Family Scandals series, now available in print.

Read an excerpt then order your copy today. Stay tuned for the ebook on July 1.

Want more one-night-with-consequences or pregnant heroine stories? Of course you do! Caitlin has many high-drama stories packed full of exciting secrets and twists from which to choose. Enjoy!

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