The Alaska Force Series

Alaska Force is the most elite group of ex-special forces soldiers in the world – but they’re not easy to find.

You have to go to the edge of nowhere in a little fishing town in Alaska called Grizzly Harbor.

If you want to join them, you sit in a dive bar called the Fairweather until they come find you.

If you want to hire them, you can come all the way to Alaska to beg for their help – but that doesn’t mean they’ll take you on.

But if they can’t fix your problem? You better believe it can’t be fixed.

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Characters in the Alaska Force Series

SEAL’s Honor

  • Blue Hendricks


    Blue Hendricks walked away from his life a long time ago, and he doesn’t appreciate it when that life – in the form of a kid he barely knew from the old neighborhood he refuses to believe grew up that pretty – shows up begging for his help.

    Blue doesn’t want to get involved. But he’s never been able to resist a cry for help… or a woman who looks at him as if he’s a man instead of a monster.

    Likes: Kicking butt, taking names.

    Dislikes: Being called a hero when he knows better.

  • Everly Campbell


    Everly might have had a crush on the boy next door when she was a kid – but who could have predicted he’d grow up into a superhero?

    And how could she have imagined that she’d wake up one night to find herself living in the kind of nightmare that only a real Navy SEAL superhero could fix?

    Assuming, that is, that she can find him. And that he’ll help her.

    And that he doesn’t mind the fact that one look at the grown up version of her favorite childhood neighbor has her reeling…

    Likes: Comic books, Tieks, staying alive.

    Dislikes: Those men chasing her...

Sniper’s Pride

  • Griffin Cisneros


    The marines made Griffin Cisneros a man.

    He made himself a machine.

    He’s been ice straight through as long as he can remember – so there’s no reason a blonde princess from Atlanta high society should get under his skin. Or heat him up.

    Or make him wonder what happens to a man made of ice when he melts…

    Likes: Order, focus, accuracy - and his rifle.

    Dislikes: Anything that threatens his self-control.

  • Mariah McKenna


    Mariah McKenna should have known that fairy tales weren’t for dirt poor backwoods country girls like her. Ten years later, she’s left Prince Not-So-Charming and is prepared to move on with her life – until he tries to kill her.


    When she hunts down an elusive special ops team who might be the only ones who can help her, she’s not prepared to walk off a ferry in far-off Alaska and come face to face with the most beautifully lethal man she’s ever seen in her life. Or how he makes her feel.

    But will she live long enough to enjoy him?

    Likes: Living through the night, learning how to defend herself, figuring out who she is.

    Dislikes: The ten years she spent playing Cinderella games with her ex.

Sergeant’s Christmas Siege

  • Templeton Cross


    Templeton Cross made one mistake a long time ago that he has no intention of repeating.

    But a certain Alaska State Trooper is a temptation he can’t resist.

    Even if she’s doing her best to resist him.

    Then again, he’s an ex-Army Ranger, ex-Delta Force, current Alaska Force kind of a guy. He basically lives for a challenge.

    Likes: The world he feels called to save. His brothers in arms. His beloved Alaska Force. And Kate.

    Dislikes: Bad guys. Especially those who come at his home, his friends he calls family, or the woman that could have been made just for him.

  • Kate Holiday


    Kate has worked hard to escape her past and become an Alaska State Trooper. And not just any trooper, but the one everyone calls when they think they might have a cult situation on their hands out here in the Last Frontier.

    She takes her job very seriously, because it’s her life. And she has no intention of allowing some overly militaristic ex-special operative… get to her.

    Especially when she might have to arrest him.

    Which would be a lot easier on her than working with him, getting to know him, and starting to wonder if maybe she can have all those things she thought were for other people after all…

    Likes: Meting out justice. Her own company. Her job.

    Dislikes: People. Christmas. And big, too-familiar, gorgeous men who make her wish she was the kind of person who could properly appreciate them...

Delta Force Defender

  • Isaac Gentry


    Isaac Gentry spent a long career pretending to be things he’s not.

    Like safe and unassuming.

    But when it comes to Caradine and what’s always been between them, he’s tired of pretending…

    Likes: Saving the world, and one surly cafe owner while he's at it.

    Dislikes: Bad guys. A lot.

  • Caradine Scott


    Caradine takes pride in her surliness. Want to eat in her cafe? Then you’ll eat what she serves you or you can leave.

    Want to get close to her? Too bad.


    Unless you’re the local commando leader who she swears she will not touch again…

    Likes: Nothing. Okay, Isaac. But she's not happy about it.

    Dislikes: Everything, and she'll let you know it.

Special Ops Seduction

  • Jonas Crow


    Jonas Crow doesn’t look back, because there’s not much worth seeing behind him.

    And the night Bethan Wilcox saved him when he would rather have died is a good example of why.

    He doesn’t like it when she turns up in Fool’s Cove to join Alaska Force. He hates that she’s an even better soldier than she was back then.

    But when the heat between them gets cranked up to high, there’s no turning back.

    Because Jonas only plays to win. Even if the stakes are things he’s never faced before–like his own traitorous heart.

    Likes: His own company, his off-the-grid cabin in already remote Fool's Cove, his job

    Dislikes: Anything that interferes with any of the above

  • Bethan Wilcox


    Bethan had no intention of ever getting silly about a guy on the job.

    Because the guys on her jobs might be Captain America types, but too many women before her have gone down that route, and she prides herself on being different. And better in any way she can be, because that’s the bare minimum expected of women in combat positions. Even outside the service.

    She didn’t know that Jonas Crow would be in Alaska Force when she joined. And his notable aversion to her, thanks to that one operation no one talks about back when she was in the Army, is his problem.

    Until a mission throws them together and worse, makes it impossible to ignore the passion that’s been simmering between them all this time…

    Forcing Bethan to consider the possibility that some messes might just be worth it after all.

    Likes: Guns, combat, and Alaska Force.

    Dislikes: That the man who so openly hates her is so hot...

Go Deeper in the Alaska Force Series

In the remote islands of Southeast Alaska, a ferry or plane ride away from anything resembling civilization, is the hardy, rugged town of Grizzly Harbor. Like most Alaskans, the citizens of Grizzly Harbor—a place no one can “end up in” because it’s so inaccessible—are suspicious of outsiders who stick around past tourist season, deeply self-reliant to make it through the endless Alaskan winters, and content to aggressively mind their own business.

It’s the perfect place for a man with a name he hasn’t used in years and a past he’s not allowed to discuss, courtesy of the United States military.

Isaac Gentry has more medals and commendations than he can count, but all of them are highly classified. When he comes back home to Grizzly Harbor, he’s not in any way the eighteen year old kid who left for the Marines. But he’s also not ready to settle down into a civilian life that doesn’t fit. And the only thing he has to his name as a regular person is a falling-down old lodge that’s been in his family for generations, out there on the other side of a usually impassable mountain in a place his great- great- grandfather, a con man and a Gold Rush hustler originally from San Francisco, aptly named Fool’s Cove.

It’s a no-brainer to start running different kinds of missions, here on US soil for a change, with skills honed in the Marines and what people like to call Delta Force. And this time, he gets to choose what sorts of problems he spends his time on. It doesn’t take long for his reputation as a solver of unusual problems to spread. Some brothers from the same fires Isaac knew well, along with other individuals of certain temperaments and complementary abilities, come and join him way out in the middle of nowhere.

Grizzly Harbor is far enough away from everything and anything to let soldiers who’ve been in too many hells to count start imagining a different way to live, with enough space to work through things like PTSD however they see fit, out there in the Alaskan wilderness with no witnesses but the snow-capped mountains and the glaciers. And soon enough, Isaac’s inability to adapt to civilian life has transformed into something singular and impressive:

Alaska Force. A light in the dark. Hope for the hopeless.

Assuming, that is, that you can find your way into the Alaskan wilderness in the first place. Then take one of the few ferries or sea planes that flies from Juneau across the inside passage to Grizzly Harbor. And then find the Alaska Force offices, such as they are, over a bitch of a mountain on a dirt track that’s barely a road in the few weeks of the year the pass is open, to a cove surrounded by rock walls and the cold sea—which means you can be sure they’ve seen you coming from miles off. And then, assuming you make it past the bears and the weather and the snipers, convince the meanest, toughest, baddest ex-special forces operatives in the world that they should take you and your problems on.

But if they do? You better believe they’ll solve it. That’s what they do.

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