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A Good Old-Fashioned Cowboy is Here!

January 26, 2021

A Good Old-Fashioned Cowboy is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and print.

Four best friends return to Jasper Creek, Oregon, the setting of last year’s A Cowboy For All Seasons, to make their small-town childhood dreams a reality, and contend with their very own old-fashioned cowboys. In “How to Win Him,” Caitlin’s story, our heroine Kit finds herself kissing the man of her high school fantasies…and finding her way home in more ways than one. Each character’s story is written by a separate author: Caitlin, Maisey Yates, Nicole Helm, and Jackie Ashenden, but the book is intended to be read as one big story.

Read an excerpt from Kit’s story, then order your copy. Enjoy!

BONUS: Check out the pre-Covid 5 Things Friday Valentine’s interview with Caitlin/Megan and Maisey Yates talking about writing, the cowboys in their books, book titles, and love!

A Good Old-Fashioned Excerpt

January 19, 2021

Read the EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from A Good Old-Fashioned Cowboy, a satisfyingly spicy collaboration of four authors: Caitlin, Maisey Yates, Nicole Helm, and Jackie Ashenden, with each author penning the intertwined story of four best friends with a pact. Caitlin’s novella, How to Win Him, is Kit’s story.

The book releases on JANUARY 26 in both ebook and print. Pre-order your copy!

Here’s a teaser:

Long after she’d left Jasper Creek, Kit had spent a lot of time thinking about what she wanted in a man and it had always been the polar opposite of a Browning West type. She hadn’t spent all these years pining for the high-school Lothario; she’d just been using him as an example. Of what not to look for.

Read more in the EXCERPT!

If you have not yet read book 1 in the Jasper Creek series, check out A Cowboy for All Seasons, the story of four cousins and the true meaning of family.

It’s a Special Ops Seduction!

January 12, 2021

She’s the last woman he ever wanted to see again…and the only woman he needs.

The Alaska Force mission you’ve been waiting for: Special Ops Seduction is NOW AVAILABLE everywhere in ebook and print. Buy your copy and get reading!

Explore Alaska Force: Special Ops Seduction is book 5 in Megan’s exciting Alaska Force series. Learn about the characters and go deeper into all things Alaska Force. If you haven’t tried this binge worthy series yet, start with book 1: SEAL’s Honor.

Book Discussions: If you would like to be part of Megan/Caitlin’s book discussions in her Facebook group, you can Join the Clan.

Now Available: Chosen for His Desert Throne

January 1, 2021

Duty, honor and red-hot desire lead to marriage in this royal desert romance.

Heat up your New Year with Chosen for His Desert Throne, NOW AVAILABLE in ebook and print everywhere. Order your copy today!

Explore the book! Read an excerpt, listen to the music, and view the images that inspired Caitlin’s writing.

Stay tuned for Megan’s next book, Special Ops Seduction, releasing on Jan 12.

Choose to Read This Excerpt!

December 15, 2020

Chosen for convenience… Bound by desire!

Escape to the desert heat in Caitlin’s EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Chosen for His Desert Throne, where Sheikh Tarek meets Dr. Anya Turner and sparks fly!

To be released on various dates, depending on where you live and how you like to read:

In the U.S.: paperback on Dec 29; ebook on on Jan 1.
In the UK: ebook on Dec 24; paperback on Dec 29.

Pre-order your copy today! And while you’re waiting, check out Caitlin’s other Sheikh Hero stories.

Never-Before-Seen Excerpt for Special Ops Seduction

December 8, 2020

Are you ready for more Alaska Force? On a deadly mission in the Chilean Andes, Bethan Wilcox —  the only female member of Alaska Force — meets with unexpected danger and a man from her past. Read this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Special Ops Seduction, book 5 in Megan’s Alaska Force series, due in readers’ hands on JAN 12.

View the images and listen to the music that inspired the writing, then pre-order your copy in ebook or print today!

Haven’t yet read the Alaska Force series? Catch up now!

Secret Nights with a Cowboy Now Available!

December 1, 2020

Spice up your holidays with Secret Night with a Cowboy, Book 2 in Caitlin’s Kittredge Ranch series, NOW AVAILABLE everywhere in ebook and print! ORDER your copy and get an extra bonus story: Sweet Nights With the Cowboy, Connor Kittredge’s story.

Explore the book and read the excerpt, learn more about the characters and the Kittredges of Cold River series, and visit the soundtrack and images behind the writing. So much fun!

When you have finished reading and looking for your next book, get even more in the holiday mood with Megan/Caitlin’s other Christmas stories.

A Not-So-Secret Excerpt!

November 17, 2020

“Riley Kittredge, the boy she’d married, then left a hundred times, yet couldn’t manage to stay away from. It was high time Rae let go, moved on, and got herself a life.”

But can she really let go? Read the EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Secrets Nights with a Cowboy, where Rae struggles with her decision.

Book 2 in Caitlin’s Kittredge Ranch series has a bonus! It includes the novella, Sweet Nights with a Cowboy, in which the youngest Kittredge brother, Connor, finds his happy ever after with ex-girlfriend Missy Minton — infamous in Cold River for her teenage shenanigans with the high school boyfriend she was afraid she felt much too much for…

Secrets Nights with a Cowboy releases on Dec. 1; pre-order your copy today!

His Scandalous Christmas Princess Now Available in All Formats

November 1, 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! His Scandalous Christmas Princess, book 2 in Caitlin’s Royal Christmas Wedding stories, is NOW AVAILABLE in ebook as well as print.

EXCERPT! If you haven’t yet checked it out, read the excerpt, then buy your copy today!

EXTRAS! View the images of the characters Caitlin had in mind and listen to the music that inspired Caitlin while writing.

And get in the holiday mood with even more Christmas stories by Caitlin/Megan.

A Scandalous Excerpt!

October 13, 2020

It was the most delicious Christmas Eve ever! Meet Melody and Prince Griffin on the eve of their wedding in this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from His Scandalous Christmas Princess, book 2 in Caitlin’s Royal Christmas Weddings duet.

This satisfyingly spicy romance will be released on various dates, depending on where you live and how you like to read:

In the U.S.: print on Oct 27; ebook on Nov 1.
In the UK: print on Oct 27; ebook on Oct 29.

Pre-order your copy today! And if you haven’t yet ready book 1 in the series, you can meet Melody’s sister Calista in Christmas in the King’s Bed.