What’s the chronological order of the Edge series?

The Edge series takes place over the course of a very busy year or so far, far in the future.

Edge of Obsession and Edge of Temptation take place more or less at the same time in early summer.

Edge of Control takes place later that same summer, edging into fall.

One Fine Winter Morning with Tyr and Helena (bonus scene) takes place in November.

A Deep and Dark December Evening with Gunnar and Maud (bonus scene) takes place in December.

“Need’s Edge,” in Edge of Ruin, takes place in January of the following year.

Edge of Power starts in March of that year.

“Danger’s Edge,” in Edge of Ruin, starts after the March equinox in the same month.

“Raider’s Edge, in Edge of Ruin, takes place in April.




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