Story Told: Edge of Temptation
Book 2 in the Edge Series

Mad genius inventor.

Bitter, grieving widower after the death of his much-disliked mate, Audra.

Blood brother to Wulf, the raider king, who he blames for Audra’s death. Half-brother to Eiryn, Wulf’s bodyguard. Not a family-oriented guy at the best of times.

All Gunnar wants is a virgin sacrifice to complete the sort of black magic ritual he thinks is bullshit, but his dead mate believed in, because he wants her back. He thinks.

What he does not want is to have feelings for the virgin nun in question, because that would be really crazy…

Blade: Roman Gladius

Likes: Battling wolves and wearing their teeth, dominant sex with no safe word, all things science and technology despite himself.

Dislikes: Everyone and everything.

Connected Characters: Maud

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