Story Told: Edge of Obsession, book 1 in the Edge Series

Background: The war chief of the clan, Tyr is a leader of men and bows his head only to the will of his king, Wulf. He and Wulf are good friends; when Wulf took over the raider throne, Tyr not only took the new king's back - he crippled the current war chief (Wulf's father) instead of killing him, the better to make him suffer. This did not endear him to the king's lethal bodyguard, Wulf's half-sister Eiryn. Ever sinceĀ a mercenary killed his blood brother in a cowardly manner, Tyr has been on a mission of vengeance that can only end when justice has been served - on the edge of his blade. He's hard and merciless and unstoppable. If asked, he'd be the first to tell you he's heartless.

Blade: Cross between a Viking Sword and a Falchion; made to his specifications.

Likes: The blood of his enemies.

Dislikes: Mercenaries, mysteries, jumped up kinglets, guns.

Connected Characters: Helena

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