Want to read Megan/Caitlin’s books by heat level and/or similarity?

Megan’s books are loosely grouped into three different phases of similarity, with a variety of heat levels.

The chick lit/women’s fiction phase incorporates English as a Second Language, Everyone Else’s Girl, Frenemies, Names My Sisters Call Me, Once More with Feeling, and I Love the 80s. These books have low to medium heat.

The small town/Montana/Montana Born phase incorporates Tempt Me, Cowboy, A Game of Brides, Please Me, Cowboy, Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy, In Bed with the Bachelor, and Project Virgin. These books have medium to high heat.

The futuristic Viking/biker phase incorporates the Edge series and the Devil’s Keepers series. These books are erotic romances and they are meant to be spicy! Expect them to be hot hot hot – and filthy in all senses of the term.

Caitlin’s books are all Harlequin Presents, which means you can expect the same level of medium to high heat throughout. Caitlin’s books tend to be euphemistic rather than graphic, usually with fairly clean language – though be aware that the odd hell or damn, etc., gets in there from time to time.

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