Story Told: Edge of Control
Book 3 in the Edge Series

Fastest blade in the clan, a title she earned through constant, grueling, hard ass work and a whole lot of daily practice, thank you.

Personal bodyguard to Wulf, her king and half-brother. Also half-sister to Gunnar, that lunatic. Blames the clan’s war chief, Tyr, for crippling their father, and has grand plans for revenge.

As the least compliant female in the history of the clan, Eiryn isn’t exactly the first choice to go undercover into the heart of enemy territory, pretending to be ordinary. But it isn’t the act like a regular woman part that might kill her. It’s having to do it with her ex.

Because Eiryn’s built her tough-as-nails exterior on a set of very useful lies, and one of the most critical is that she got over Riordan a decade ago…

Blade: Rapier

Likes: Slapping down fools and idiots, preferably with her blade.

Dislikes: Typical girl things, emotions, anything she can't kill, the entire ridiculous and compliant mainland.

Connected Characters: Riordan

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