Looking for the hardest, hottest, most demanding alpha hero out there?

All of Megan/Caitlin’s heroes are pretty seriously alpha. That’s just how she rolls.

Gray Everett of A True Cowboy Christmas is stern and uncompromising. If he asked you for a marriage of convenience, could you say no?  Would you want to?

Templeton Cross of Sergeant’s Christmas Siege likes to laugh a lot and pretend he’s lazy, as if that will distract people from noticing that this former Army Ranger and Delta Force operative is very seriously alpha. (It doesn’t.)

Make You Burn features a biker hero who redefines alpha. Deliciously and thoroughly.  You can try this excerpt to see if he gets your motor revving.

And both Not Just the Boss’s Plaything & A Devil in Disguise have heroes so alpha it hurts. In the second story, the heroine actually throws herself off the side of a yacht and starts swimming for the Croatian coast to get away from him. But don’t worry. He catches her.

Proceed with caution.

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