Sophie Lombard

Story Told: Make You Burn (Deacons of Bourbon Street)
Book 0.5 in the Devil's Keepers Series

Sophie thought that the death of her father meant the end of her life as part of the Deacons of Bourbon Street MC he ran – the ignored, overlooked, never-quite-valued part, that was. After running the club’s bar on Bourbon Street for years now, she assumed that was what she’d keep on doing now that it was hers.

She should have known better than to make assumptions where club business is concerned. Especially when her father’s old VP shows up, moving in on the bar – and Sophie – like deep down, she’d always been his.

Ajax is like all her dirtiest fantasies brought to life, bright hot and much too vivid, and a wise woman would do whatever she had to do to stay away from a man with that much trouble stamped into every inch of his body.

After all, what Sophie really wants is to escape the life… doesn’t she?

Bike: Enough with bikes. And bikers. And this life she never chose... but can't seem to walk away from.

Likes: Ajax, damn it.

Dislikes: Ajax again. And all the rest of the bikers her daddy loved more than her...

Connected Characters: Sean “Ajax” Harding

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