Joseph “Greeley” Shaw

Story Told: Devil’s Honor
Book 1 in the Devil's Keepers Series

Greeley is about the the club. He’s the sergeant-at-arms for the Devil’s Keepers and he takes that patch – and the job – seriously.

When shit goes down, he’s the brother people call first, because he always, always has a Devil’s back.

He was ready to pledge his loyalty to exactly one female, and she ruined that. So when Merritt comes back to town the way he explicitly told her not to, he might play with that fire that always flares so bright and hot between them, but no way in hell is he getting burned this time around. No. Freaking. Way.

Bike: Vintage Sportster Chopper

Likes: Probably not you. Want to test that?

Dislikes: Drama, liars, anything that threatens his beloved DKMC.

Connected Characters: Merritt Broussard

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