Merritt Broussard

Story Told: Devil’s Honor
Book 1 in the Devil's Keepers Series

Merritt never had any intention of coming back to Lagrange. As hometowns go, a biker town filled with – you guessed it – a whole lot of rough and rowdy outlaws? Not the best place to live. She counts herself lucky that she got out with only a battered heart.

But her fancy new life has hit a wall in the form of her ex – and former boss – who’s turned a little too obsessive. Where better to marinate in a little downtime than the one place no one would ever think to look for her?

As long as she can stay away from the man who broke her heart way back when, she’ll be fine. Just fine.

Bike: Rode on one man's bike. Almost traded in her life for more. No. More. Bikes.

Likes: The entire world outside of Lagrange.

Dislikes: Lagrange, the past, and yeah, her creepy ex up in New York...

Connected Characters: Joseph “Greeley” Shaw

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