Holly Chambless

Story Told: Devil’s Mark
Book 2 in the Devil's Keepers Series

Holly always knew exactly what life held in store after her college graduation: find the right husband, have the right babies, be a credit to her family name. But when her supposedly upstanding daddy gets arrested and the world implodes, she figures that maybe it’s high time to do the kind of things her lying father warned her a Chambless would never, ever do.

Like start working in Dumb Gator’s, the rough and tumble biker bar on the outskirts of the biker town she grew up in, the one everyone knows is basically just an outpost of the Devil’s Keepers MC.

Or scarier by far, fall in love with Uptown, the prettiest and most terrifying outlaw biker of them all…

Bike: She's only ever ridden on the back of Uptown's...

Likes: A taste of freedom.

Dislikes: Being put in a box by anyone when maybe she's not that girl anymore...

Connected Characters: Killian “Uptown” Chenier

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