Lara Ashburn

Story Told: Devil’s Own
Book 3 in the Devil's Keepers Series

Lara escaped one biker town already. Having experienced her awful uncle’s version of an outlaw club, she’s pretty clear on her feelings about the 1%-er lifestyle. She’s in Lagrange on a mission, and troubled, motherless Kaylee Frey reminds her a little too much of herself back when.

But Kaylee’s too big, too hot, too tempting father reminds her that beneath her prim, schoolteacher exterior beats the heart of a biker chick… whether Lara wants to admit it or not.

Bike: No more bikes. Ever.

Likes: Literally anything and everything not biker-related.

Dislikes: Bikers, biker towns, bikes. And all things related to bikers, biker towns, and bikes.

Connected Characters: Ryan “Chaser” Frey

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