Jonas Crow

Story Told: Special Ops Seduction
Book 5 in the Alaska Force Series

Jonas Crow doesn’t look back, because there’s not much worth seeing behind him.

And the night Bethan Wilcox saved him when he would rather have died is a good example of why.

He doesn’t like it when she turns up in Fool’s Cove to join Alaska Force. He hates that she’s an even better soldier than she was back then.

But when the heat between them gets cranked up to high, there’s no turning back.

Because Jonas only plays to win. Even if the stakes are things he’s never faced before–like his own traitorous heart.

Likes: His own company, his off-the-grid cabin in already remote Fool's Cove, his job

Dislikes: Anything that interferes with any of the above

Military Specialty: That's pretty much classified after BUDs training

Connected Characters: Bethan Wilcox

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