Kate Holiday

Story Told: Sergeant’s Christmas Siege
Book 3 in the Alaska Force Series

Kate has worked hard to escape her past and become an Alaska State Trooper. And not just any trooper, but the one everyone calls when they think they might have a cult situation on their hands out here in the Last Frontier.

She takes her job very seriously, because it’s her life. And she has no intention of allowing some overly militaristic ex-special operative… get to her.

Especially when she might have to arrest him.

Which would be a lot easier on her than working with him, getting to know him, and starting to wonder if maybe she can have all those things she thought were for other people after all…

Likes: Meting out justice. Her own company. Her job.

Dislikes: People. Christmas. And big, too-familiar, gorgeous men who make her wish she was the kind of person who could properly appreciate them...

Military Specialty: Alaska State Trooper

Connected Characters: Templeton Cross

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