Sep 26, 2023 · Harlequin · isbn: 978-1335592880

United Kingdom

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The Spaniard's Last-Minute Wife

(English (UK) edition of The Spaniard’s Last-Minute Wife)
Book 2 of the Innocent Stolen Brides

From uninvited wedding guest…
to emergency bride!

Librarian Geraldine Casey scrapes by while raising her late cousin’s infant daughter. So when she sees the announcement for Lionel Asensio’s lavish, no-expense-spared wedding, she drops everything…to go demand he take responsibility for the daughter she believes is his!

Sneaking into the ceremony, Geraldine is just in time to see the ruthless Spaniard being jilted. Her shocked, involuntary response is met with his furious, magnetic gaze… Perhaps that’s why, when Lionel leads her to the altar, still in need of a convenient wife, innocent Geraldine finds herself saying “I do”!