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Sneak Peek: Big Little Spells

August 15, 2023

Is her magic a threat to witchkind…or is she simply powerful enough to save the world?

Banished witch Rebekah Wilde is forced to return home to prove she is not a danger to witchkind, and must seek the help from her secret impossible crush — the ruthless immortal Nicholas Frost — or face death.

Read the EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT from Big Little Spells, book 2 in the Witchlore series, written by Megan with her friend Nicole Helm under the pen name of Hazel Beck. The book releases on August 29 in both ebook and print.

Preorder your copy — and if you prefer print, you can get yours signed by ordering through Megan’s favorite local bookstore, Rebel Heart Books.

If you have not yet read book 1, Small Town, Big Magic, check it out!

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