Want to cry your eyes out?

Sometimes nothing but a good weepfest will do.

Try Majesty, Mistress… Missing Heira sheikh reunion romance with a bittersweet loss at its core.

Come Home for Christmas, Cowboy is a story about the end of a marriage… and its brand new beginning thanks to a Christmas back home in Montana, when things finally get honest. And painful. But that’s how you grow, isn’t it?

Or Once More With Feeling, when a woman has to face the choices that led her into the life she never wanted after she walks in on her husband – and her sister. And then face those same choices all over again when her husband loses his memory in an accident and she has the opportunity to pretend the messy parts of her life never happened… But does she want to do that?

Here’s an excerpt from Once More with Feeling to get you in the mood…

Keep tissues handy!


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