The Hotel Temptation Series

Three half-brothers who learned of each others’ existence at the reading of their famously wealthy – and famously dissipated – father’s will are each left a boutique hotel. One caters to pleasure alone in Iceland, the land of fire and ice. Another caters to la bella vita in Italy. The third is yet to be built in a tropical Pacific Island paradise.

All have one thing in common: temptation.

Each brother thinks he’s fine on his own, handling their father’s strange legacy.

But that’s before they meet the women who will wreck them completely…

And then there’s their half-sister, who has to work for her own, deepest temptation, in a seductive desert oasis…

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Characters in the Hotel Temptation Series


  • Prince Zain of Sadat


    His Highness is a man of very specific tastes in the bedroom.

    But Angelique inspires him to give her a whole lot more than simply one room… such as, perhaps, all of him.

    Because she might well be the only woman who can handle him in the precise, specific, way he prefers…



    Likes: Surrender. On his terms.

    Dislikes: Anything that stands between him and what he desires...

  • Angelique Masterson


    Angelique thought she knew what she wanted, and how to get it.

    But she didn’t bargain on the one man she can’t control.

    Or the way she finds she longs to give up that control entirely… for him.

    Likes: Making her own way, because that's what she's always done, thank you.

    Dislikes: A man who makes her want nothing more than to surrender. Everything.


  • Thor Ragnarsson


    Thor Ragnarsson doesn’t mind his reputation as a sex god.

    And he’s more than happy to test the limits of the starchy American professor who turns up to his hotel in a blizzard and imagines she can think her way through what ought to be flesh and need.

    It’s only one night. Who can it hurt?

    But Thor isn’t at all prepared to discover that when it comes to his professor, one night – one blizzard – might not be enough…

    Likes: Women, sex, and all kinds of entertaining mind games.

    Dislikes: The need of certain Americans to make sex into love, when he doesn't believe in that...

  • Margot Cavendish


    Margot Cavendish came to Iceland to study sex, not to have it.

    And certainly not with the mysterious – and problematic – owner of a sex hotel who dares her to give him one night, the better to explore Iceland’s permissive hook up culture first hand.

    Of course she can’t do that… can she? She supports sex positivity in all its forms, but she doesn’t believe in casual sex or one night stands – not for her.

    But what happens when one night turns out to be anything but casual?  And a whole lot more than one night?

    Likes: Intersectional feminism, complicated literary novels, academic arguments, dissecting texts.

    Dislikes: Ovesexed cishet males who turn her inside out and make her question her existence.


  • Maya Martin


    Not every woman can charge into the honeymoon after their humiliatingly canceled wedding, determined to wipe the slate clean and start over, with all the fun that was always sorely lacking in her plotted-out life back home in Toronto.

    But Maya has always been an overachiever.

    And if that cleaned slate comes with the best sex of her life with a stranger – the kind of thing the old Maya would never do?

    All the better.

    Likes: New Maya, who takes what she wants, doesn't worry about her reputation, and exults in it.

    Dislikes: Pretty much every single thing about the person she used to be...

  • Charlie Teller


    Charlie left his outlaw past behind when he left the States to run the hotel he inherited on the Amalfi Coast.


    He’ll always be an outlaw.  It’s just that these days, he confines that kind of thing to sex, not activities

    Likes: Whiskey and women. And no ties that bind.

    Dislikes: When things go from fun to more than he bargained for...


  • Jason Kaoki


    Jason Kaoki just wants to be left alone.

    But sleazy corporate types keep tracking him down and trying to wheedle him into a deal to “do something” with the island the late and unlamented father he never met left him.

    Jason has no intention of selling. Or even bargaining.

    But when the latest corporate type turns up deliciously female and more than capable of taking any dare he throws her way, it’s amazing what kind of bargaining he might be willing to do to keep her around…

    Likes: Solitude. And sex. Which don't really go together, he's aware.

    Dislikes: His father. His father's legacy. Greedy corporate sharks... like his father.

  • Lucinda Graves


    Lucinda is all business, and that’s how she likes it.

    She’ll do anything to close a deal.  Even haul herself all the way to a lush, tropical Pacific island and succumb to the heat…

    Especially when that heat comes in the form of the maddening Jason Kaoki, who doesn’t want to sell.

    And will only negotiate in bed…

    Likes: Money. Winning. Getting what she wants.

    Dislikes: Humidity. Challenges she might not win. Men she can't control.

Go Deeper Into the Hotel Temptation Series

Investment guru, luxury hotel, and “experience” collector Daniel St. George lived hard, large, and very, very well. And was happy to go out the same way, in a fiery crash on the Autoban rather than a slow surrender to the cancer that was eating away at him and stealing his control. In addition to his legacy as one of the most intuitive business minds of his generation, he also left behind his reputation as an accomplished ladies man. He marinated in beautiful women and was proud of it—but he never acknowledged the handful of children he left behind in his wake.

So it comes as a surprise when his will reveals that he’s left his most significant and beloved hotels properties to the three sons he never wanted to know while he was alive.

Particularly to those sons. Half brothers who have no intention of being any kind of family with these perfect strangers…

Despite all the things they’re surprised—and a little irritated—to find they have in common.

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