Claimed in the Italian's Castle by Caitlin Crews

Claimed in the Italian’s Castle

Satisfyingly Spicy

Caitlin’s contribution to the Harlequin Presents fairy tale miniseries, Once Upon A Temptation, is a re-telling of Bluebeard!

She had to marry him.
But she can choose to love him…

When innocent, piano-playing Angelina must marry enigmatic Benedetto Franceschi, she should be terrified. After all, Benedetto’s previous six wives have vanished without a trace. But their electrifying chemistry forges an unspoken connection…

Angelina’s composed demeanour belies a fierce spirit that Benedetto is inescapably, irresistibly drawn to. For so long, secluded in his luxurious castle, he’s believed himself as monstrous as the rumours make him out to be. But Angelina isn’t afraid. Can he match her courage to become the husband she deserves?


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Claimed in the Italian’s Castle

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Print: May 19, 2020

eBook: Jun 1, 2020

ISBN: 9781488059575

Claimed in the Italian’s Castle

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