Why do you write under a variety of names?

Megan Crane and Caitlin Crews: When I started writing Harlequin Presents my other writing was considered very different from category romance. And for a whole host of reasons, I thought it made sense to make a clear distinction between the two kinds of stories I was telling then.

M.M. Crane, of the Fortunes of Lost Lake series, uses the initials of my real name to signal to readers that this Alaska-set series is different from the Alaska Force series I wrote as Megan Crane.

Hazel Beck is the pen name my good friend Nicole Helm and I use when we write together. We’ve partnered up to write the 4-book paranormal Witchlore series about witches, magic, emotional romance, and world-in-peril shenanigans that will leave you wanting more. We hope. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or check out Hazel’s website here.


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