Amanda Kittredge

Story Told: The Last Real Cowboy
Book 1 in the Kittredge Ranch Series
Book 3 in the Cold River Ranch Series

Amanda is tired of being treated as everybody’s baby sister.

Her older brothers refuse to acknowledge that she’s not a baby any longer – and they’ve pretty much run off any man who’s ever looked at her twice.

Which maybe why she’s always had a secret little thing about the one man who’s never even glanced at her…

But everything changes when she actually takes her life in her own two hands, moves out of her parents’ house, and does as she likes.

Is she ready to handle it?

Likes: Overly sweet coffee drinks, her older brother's best-friend.

Dislikes: Her four overbearing older brothers.

Favorite Country Song: "The Long Way Around," Dixie Chicks

Connected Characters: Brady Everett