Janie Atwood

Story Told: Summer Nights with a Cowboy
Book 4 in the Kittredge Ranch Series

Janie Atwood has a secret.

Okay, maybe two secrets.

She’s new to Cold River and, fine, it’s probably no big secret to anyone that the stern, grumpy, upsettingly beautiful sheriff makes her feel like swooning. Especially after their first meeting. In which Janie doesn’t swoon, but she still ends up at the man’s feet…

It’s the other secret, the one that brought her to Colorado, that might cause problems, but she has no intention of sharing that with anyone. Not even Sheriff Zack Kittredge, who, it turns out, is even more swoonworthy up close…

Likes: Who can resist a grumpy man who thinks she's dangerous?

Dislikes: Her clumsiness... except, of course, when it results in meeting the man of her dreams...

Connected Characters: Zack Kittredge

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