Harriet Barnett

Story Told: All Night Long with a Cowboy
Book 3 in the Kittredge Ranch Series

Harriet loves her quiet life as the high school librarian in Cold River.

She has her work. She has five cats. She has books. Life is delightful.

But when she decides that her rowdiest students need a role model, she finds herself going toe-to-toe with the most disreputable cowboy in town. Surely she won’t fall for the dubious charms of Jensen Kittredge. He’s the kind of man who’s good for a night and nothing more.

Except it turns out that one night is only the beginning…

Likes: Books. Cats. Proper grammar. Oxford commas.

Dislikes: Overtly masculine men who ooze about, playboying all over everything...

Connected Characters: Jensen Kittredge

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