Bowie Fortune

Story Told: Reckless Fortune
Book 2 in the Fortunes of Lost Lake Series

Bowie Fortune likes his life as is.

He flies where he likes, and defies death as it suits him in the forbidding Alaskan Interior. He likes the community around Lost Lake, a place that forces folks to face the truth about themselves one way or another. He likes his tough, loving family–even his annoying sister, who dares him to enter a silly contest designed to bring in more tourists.

The thing is, he can’t resist a challenge.

And that makes the practical, level-headed Autumn just about the most irresistible thing around, and that’s a problem. Because Bowie isn’t built for lasting, and Autumn has the look of forever all over her…

Likes: Flying, flying, oh yes--and more flying, the more dangerous, the better!

Dislikes: Wanting what he can't have

Connected Characters: Autumn McCall

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