Autumn McCall

Story Told: Reckless Fortune
Book 2 in the Fortunes of Lost Lake Series

Autumn McCall can handle anything. Taking care of her whole family after her mother’s death proved that, and entering a contest to promote tourism in the actual middle of literal nowhere, Alaska feels like more of the same.

Sure, the contest feels a lot like a mail-order-bride scenario except without the wedding part and maybe too much stranded-in-the-hinterland.

And sure, the man she picked had a lot more beard and she had no idea he was that good-looking. All hot, brooding gaze and a wicked smile…

But none of it matters, because Autumn has spent her life making it through Montana winters, so what’s one Alaskan summer next to that?

If she can just ignore the simmering fire that burns between her and her fake-summer-husband, she’s sure everything will be just fine…


Likes: Homesteading, survival challenges, too-hot bush pilots...

Dislikes: When people pretend she's not the ugly duckling of her absurdly gorgeous family, because she knows better

Connected Characters: Bowie Fortune

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