Go Deeper Into the Hotel Temptation Series

Investment guru, luxury hotel, and “experience” collector Daniel St. George lived hard, large, and very, very well. And was happy to go out the same way, in a fiery crash on the Autoban rather than a slow surrender to the cancer that was eating away at him and stealing his control. In addition to his legacy as one of the most intuitive business minds of his generation, he also left behind his reputation as an accomplished ladies man. He marinated in beautiful women and was proud of it—but he never acknowledged the handful of children he left behind in his wake.

So it comes as a surprise when his will reveals that he’s left his most significant and beloved hotels properties to the three sons he never wanted to know while he was alive.

Particularly to those sons. Half brothers who have no intention of being any kind of family with these perfect strangers…

Despite all the things they’re surprised—and a little irritated—to find they have in common.

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