Margot Cavendish

Story Told: Unleashed
Book 1 in the Hotel Temptation Series

Margot Cavendish came to Iceland to study sex, not to have it.

And certainly not with the mysterious – and problematic – owner of a sex hotel who dares her to give him one night, the better to explore Iceland’s permissive hook up culture first hand.

Of course she can’t do that… can she? She supports sex positivity in all its forms, but she doesn’t believe in casual sex or one night stands – not for her.

But what happens when one night turns out to be anything but casual?  And a whole lot more than one night?

Likes: Intersectional feminism, complicated literary novels, academic arguments, dissecting texts.

Dislikes: Ovesexed cishet males who turn her inside out and make her question her existence.

Connected Characters: Thor Ragnarsson

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