The Careys of Cowboy Point Series

Zeke Carey has always considered himself a reasonable man. He’s worked the land that’s been in his family since the first Carey settlers found their way into the wilderness of Montana. High Mountain Ranch has been the family’s pride, joy, despair, and duty ever since.

But at least ranching makes sense. His sons are more complicated, because they defy him without the excuse of bad weather.

He has five of them, for his sins. His oldest and the twins with his first wife, God rest her soul, his sainted and still-beloved Alice. The youngest two with Belinda, who is less a solace upon his soul and more a thorn in his side, but the Good Lord knows he loves that woman something crazy.

Zeke reckons that if he could fall in love twice when he’s not likely to be confused for Robert Redford any time soon, his foolish sons should step up and get started on the next generation of Careys. Pronto.

Because a man who settles on this land of theirs is more likely to stay and work it. There’s the whole family history of the Carey family to make that clear as a bell.

And he doesn’t mean to let them think he’s ill one night at a family dinner on a particularly cold winter night… but he doesn’t correct them, either.

After all… the more ill they think he is, the more they might do what he wants and settle down. And Zeke is prepared to put on an act worthy of Redford himself—if he’ll come out of it with grandchildren.

So he does the only thing a father with hard-headed sons can.

He tells them he’s dying. And that his dying wish is all of them married with babies.

So they better get moving.

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Characters in the Careys of Cowboy Point Series

The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride

  • Harlan Carey


    Harlan doesn’t waste his time.

    He cares about the family land and the ranching that Careys have done since the first miners made their way west. Finding himself a wife is a part of that legacy– but he doesn’t have time to date.

    Placing an ad for a solid, dependable woman seems like the way to go. Especially when the woman who turns up is Kendall Darlington.

    And soon enough, the man who lives for his legacy can’t seem to think about anything but her…

    Likes: The land. His family. The Carey legacy.

    Dislikes: Liars. Cheaters. Anyone who isn't as good as a handshake and their word.

    Favorite Country Song: Cowboys Like That, Alyssa Micaela

  • Kendall Darlington


    Kendall needs a soft place to land for a little while, so why not answer an old school ad for a mail-order bride sort of deal?

    She’s not expecting the quiet intensity and rock-hard steadiness of Harlan Carey.

    And soon it’s not the future she’s worried about any longer, but her unfortunate past…

    Likes: Staying put. Roots. Good men. Honesty.

    Dislikes: Her family. Con women (see: her family). Lies. Playing games.

    Favorite Country Song: Ladylike, Ingrid Andreas

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