Harlan Carey

Story Told: The Cowboy’s Mail Order Bride
Book 1 in the Careys of Cowboy Point Series

Harlan doesn’t waste his time.

He cares about the family land and the ranching that Careys have done since the first miners made their way west. Finding himself a wife is a part of that legacy– but he doesn’t have time to date.

Placing an ad for a solid, dependable woman seems like the way to go. Especially when the woman who turns up is Kendall Darlington.

And soon enough, the man who lives for his legacy can’t seem to think about anything but her…

Likes: The land. His family. The Carey legacy.

Dislikes: Liars. Cheaters. Anyone who isn't as good as a handshake and their word.

Favorite Country Song: Cowboys Like That, Alyssa Micaela

Connected Characters: Kendall Darlington

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