The Filthy Rich Billionaires Series

Take three very bossy men – two born with fortunes, another who made his own – who like their sex the way they like their business deals: on their terms.  Always.

Add a best friend’s little sister who isn’t so little any longer, the girl who got away – because the only way to keep her was to be her friend, though now she has a fiancé, but what she needs is the man who knows her best, and a woman who thinks she knows exactly what she wants – but has no idea until she meets him.

Shake them all up, put them through their paces, and you get three very hot books about some very, very hot heroes.

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Characters in the Filthy Rich Billionaires Series

Teach Me

  • Dorian Alexander


    Dorian Alexander rules the club scene, and his every sexual encounter, with the same iron will and hard hand.

    Willful little Erika Vanderberg, ill-behaved and spoiled younger sister of his best friend in the world, should present no challenge at all to a man of his particular tastes.

    When she shows up where she shouldn’t be and tests him, he figures it will be easy enough to scare her a little and send her running.

    That she might have been running to him never occurs to him.

    Much less the possibility that he might not want to let her go…

    Likes: BDSM in all its delicious forms.

    Dislikes: Bratty subs, spoiled socialites, and the fact that he can control every last thing in his life... except his heart.

  • Erika Vanderburg


    Okay, maybe chasing her older brother’s best friend around the Berlin club scene wasn’t the best idea Erika Vaderburg has ever had.

    Especially when the friend is question is a very well known – some might say notorious – practitioner of the very kind if kink Erika has always thought she wanted to get to know a little better. A little more personally.

    And if she finds herself under Dorian Alexander’s exquisite control, well.

    Surely that can only make this special little revenge on her brother that much better…

    Likes: Sex. Submission. And oh yes, her older brother's best friend who treats her like a child... until he doesn't.

    Dislikes: Controlling older brothers who cut her off. Sex she can't control - unless he can do the controlling better, that is...

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