Dorian Alexander

Story Told: Teach Me
Book 1 in the Filthy Rich Billionaires Series

Dorian Alexander rules the club scene, and his every sexual encounter, with the same iron will and hard hand.

Willful little Erika Vanderberg, ill-behaved and spoiled younger sister of his best friend in the world, should present no challenge at all to a man of his particular tastes.

When she shows up where she shouldn’t be and tests him, he figures it will be easy enough to scare her a little and send her running.

That she might have been running to him never occurs to him.

Much less the possibility that he might not want to let her go…

Likes: BDSM in all its delicious forms.

Dislikes: Bratty subs, spoiled socialites, and the fact that he can control every last thing in his life... except his heart.

Connected Characters: Erika Vanderburg

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