Erika Vanderburg

Story Told: Teach Me
Book 1 in the Filthy Rich Billionaires Series

Okay, maybe chasing her older brother’s best friend around the Berlin club scene wasn’t the best idea Erika Vaderburg has ever had.

Especially when the friend is question is a very well known – some might say notorious – practitioner of the very kind if kink Erika has always thought she wanted to get to know a little better. A little more personally.

And if she finds herself under Dorian Alexander’s exquisite control, well.

Surely that can only make this special little revenge on her brother that much better…

Likes: Sex. Submission. And oh yes, her older brother's best friend who treats her like a child... until he doesn't.

Dislikes: Controlling older brothers who cut her off. Sex she can't control - unless he can do the controlling better, that is...

Connected Characters: Dorian Alexander

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