The Fifth Avenue/Forbidden Series

High octane Harlequin Presents!

The Fifth Avenue series is a trilogy (featuring books by Maisey Yates and Kate Hewitt as well as Caitlin) set in high society, high stakes New York, featuring bold and dark heroes, gritty situations, and one of the worst villains imaginable. Can our heroes take down the man who changed the course of their lives ten years ago? And can they possibly fall in love in the process?

The Forbidden series picks up where Fifth Avenue leaves off!

What if Jason Treffen was only the beginning? What if there’s a whole lot worse out there? Once again featuring books by Maisey Yates and Kate Hewitt along with Caitlin, the Forbidden saga takes us from glittering Manhattan to the sparkling shores of the French Riviera – and exposes the darkness beneath all that shine. Don’t miss the explosive next chapter in the Fifth Avenue story!

You can try the first part of Caitlin’s contribution to the Forbidden saga free!

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