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A Tempting Excerpt!

July 21, 2020

Hot, hotter, hottest! Tempt Me, book 3 in Caitlin’s Filthy Rich Billionaire series, is coming soon in ebook. Take a peek at this EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT where Rory opens a forbidden door and meets Conrad, a dangerously attractive man — and her billionaire boss.

“He looked as if he might have been fashioned out of a hatchet or sword, all planes and angles, all solid. Not only deeply, inarguably male, but very much as if he might at a moment’s notice turn himself into a weapon.”

Pre-order your copy to keep reading when the book comes out!

To be released on various dates, depending on where you live:
In the UK: on July 23
In the U.S.: on Aug 1

If you haven’t already read book 1: Teach Me, or book 2: Take Me from earlier in the series, you can catch up today! (Please note: it’s not strictly necessary to read them in order, but it can be fun to see recurring characters.)

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