Dec 24, 2018 · Harlequin
· ISBN: 9784596282521

His Christmas Captive

(Manga edition of “His Christmas Captive” in Twelve Gifts for Christmas)
Book 2 of the Qaderis

How can this waitress regret having become the king’s bride?

Lucy never thought that covering for a coworker would change her life, but that night she would meet Rafi, a wealthy prince from a small country near the Ural Mountains. From the moment they met, Lucy knew Rafi was the man for her. Before long Lucy was pregnant, and Rafi, intending to do the right thing, took her to his home country to marry her. But soon after their marriage, everything changed—Rafi became as cold as ice. Trapped in a loveless marriage in a country where she doesn’t know the language or the customs, Lucy is unsure what to do. Will things get better for her, or will she be forever stuck in a cold, loveless marriage?