Abby Douglas

Story Told: A True Cowboy Christmas
Book 1 in the Cold River Ranch Series

Abby Douglas has been in love with her neighbor, Gray Everett, all her life.  He’s never noticed her existence.

Until the day stern, uncompromising Gray shows up with a marriage proposal any sane woman would turn down. Of course she can’t marry him. Of course she can’t sign up to be whatever the modern equivalent of a mail order bride is… can she?

But Abby never claimed to be particularly sane.  And maybe, just maybe, she can love enough for the both of them.

Likes: Gray Everett, who has never so much as glanced at her

Dislikes: How much she wants to marry a man who's never so much as glanced at her, because now he has...

Favorite Country Song: "Cowboys Like That" by Alyssa Micaela

Connected Characters: Gray Everett

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