Gray Everett

Story Told: A True Cowboy Christmas
Book 1 in the Cold River Ranch Series

Gray Everett has always loved his land.  It’s people he has trouble with.

He’s never thought about dependable Abby Douglas from the neighboring farm one way or the other, but once he starts thinking it would make sense to find himself a wife, she’s the only one who will do.

She’s practical, down to earth, and not at all dramatic. She understands the life of a rancher. She’ll even make a good stepmother to his motherless teen daughter.

He plans to enjoy their arrangement. But when passion explodes between them, Gray might have to face the fact that none of this is going to be as neat and tidy as he expected…

Likes: The land, his family's legacy, his quiet life.

Dislikes: Anything that distracts him from his land, his family's legacy, or his quiet life...

Favorite Country Song: "The Cowboy in Me" by Tim McGraw

Connected Characters: Abby Douglas

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