Unwrapping the Innocent's Secret by Caitlin Crews

Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret

Their desire haunts him…

Will her revelation reunite them?

Self-made billionaire Pascal Furlani prides himself on his rigid emotional control. So it infuriates him beyond measure that he can’t forget the forbidden passion he once shared with breath-takingly innocent Cecilia Reginald. This Christmas, he’s determined to shake off those memories…until they shockingly come face-to-face! Seeing Cecilia again blindsides Pascal, while their still-searing chemistry electrifies him. But her six-year old secret? Will change their lives forever…

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Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret

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“I expected you to be wearing a nun’s habit,” he said, and she opted not to hear the wicked undertone in his voice.  Much less… remember the way she’d thrilled to it, once.

“I chose not to become a nun.” She did not say, because of you.

But his eyes narrowed anyway. “I thought that was your life’s ambition.  Was it not?”

“People change.”

“You seem markedly changed, in fact. One might even say, distinctly hardened.”

“I’m no longer a foolish girl easily taken advantage of by traveling soldiers, if that’s what you mean.”

His head canted to one side, and his black eyes gleamed. “Did I take advantage of you, Cecilia? That’s not how I recall it.”

She eyed him. “Whether you recall it that way or not, that’s how it was.”

“Tell me, then, how precisely did I take advantage of you? Was it when you crawled into my hospital bed, threw your leg over me, and then rode us both to a mad finish?”

She remembered it as he said it.  She remembered everything.  The wonder of taking him inside her.  The madness, the dizzy whirl.  His big hands wrapped around her hips and his intent, ferociously greedy gaze.

No one had ever explained to her that the trouble with temptation was that it felt like coming home, wreathed in light and glory.

End of excerpt

Print: Oct 22, 2019

eBook: Nov 1, 2019

ISBN: 978-1335478771

Unwrapping the Innocent’s Secret

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