The Outrageous Accardi Brothers Series

The two brothers running the notorious Accardi Corporation are total opposites but have the same goal: elevate the Accardi empire.

Known for his playboy antics, wild card Tiziano Accardi has one final chance to prove to his elder brother, Ago, that he’s more than his extracurricular activities through a very convenient marriage. But when he makes the most unexpected of choices, both brothers’ worlds will be flipped upside down!

Tiziano must marry the innocent Cameron heiress or lose his position in the Accardi Corporation, but he has other plans. And when he bumps into Annie, she becomes the perfect solution to all of his problems…

After a lifetime of clearing up his brother’s messes, apologizing to Victoria Cameron is the least Ago can do. Only, he never expected that they would share one night or that it would have forever consequences!

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